Turf Laying

A sprawling green lawn in front of your home is the image that garden photos are made of, and Darwin Landscapers are here to help you achieve that look.  We provide a full range of turf laying services that help our clients achieve a greener, healthier lawn.  From taking the necessary steps to prepare the land, to advising on the proper care to ensure it’s longevity, we work with you from start to finish.  Turf laying not only allows our clients to have fast results with their property enhancements, but our professional services make sure that every detail is attended to.  By working with us, you’ll see your property looking its best with our fast and reliable service.

Land Preparation
Though some homeowners may consider performing turf laying on their own, having the assistance of professionals can help in a number of ways.  Not only are our landscapers trained in the proper techniques for laying turf, but ensure that the land beneath is ready to receive the new installation.  From weeding the area to removing stones and levelling the land, we make sure that everything is prepared prior to installation of the new turf.  In performing these important tasks, not only will your lawn look great right after our work, but it will be set up for strong and healthy conditions in the future.

Lawn Care
In addition to installing lawns, part of our turf laying services are ensuring the quality of our product over time.  While we carefully select the right turf to fit in with your soil and property features, giving your lawn the proper care can help in thrive and survive for many years to come. From mowing, weeding and watering, to advising our clients on treatments like lawn aeration that can help improve its health, we know that maintenance is an important part of your lawn care.  With our professionals by your side, you can see how we take pride in our work and want to ensure client satisfaction with our installations. 

Instant Results
One of the many benefits of selecting new turf for your land is the instant results that it provides.  Although there is land preparation involved in the process, once the soil is readied for turf laying, there’s no waiting for weeks and months for seeds to start sprouting.  We help you select the times of year that are ideal for turf laying, ensuring that your lawn will last through the seasons.  Not only will your property experience a rejuvenated appearance immediately, but these results will be long lasting.  We pride ourselves on the work we perform, which is why our turf services are here to help you put your property’s best foot forward. 

Professional Service
In selection Darwin Landscapers for your turf laying, you’re making a smart investment in the future of your home.  A beautiful lawn not only adds to your enjoyment of you yard, but contributes to a higher curb value should you choose to sell it.  As respected professionals in our industry, we always take the time required to do the job right from the start, including levelling and clearing the land so the turf can take naturally to the location.  In addition, our detail oriented landscapers make sure that your turf looks perfect when our work is completed, helping you better enjoy your outdoor areas.

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