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When you’re looking for garden maintenance in Darwin, look no further than Darwin Landscapers for all the services that make your property shine above your neighbours. Frank and his team are an experienced team of landscapers and arborists who specialise in working with residential and commercial properties, helping your gardens and landscaping look greener and healthier than ever before.

From our custom consultations to garden design and maintenance services, we have the knowledge and tools that make your landscaping look its best on a regular basis.  In providing the best landscape and tree services in our area, our satisfied customers are able to better enjoy their yards and commercial landscaping.

About Us
As a professional landscaping company, Darwin Landscapers are the local team that you can trust to understand all of your outdoor maintenance needs.  Our experienced gardeners and landscapers are knowledgable about the special needs of our region, helping plants grow and thrive whether it’s wet or dry season.  We work closely with our clients to understand their wishes for the property, whether its a small vegetable garden or elaborate flower installation.  Combining our knowledge of plants and flowers with the right tools, products and equipment, we not only install beautiful gardens, but help you keep your yards looking impeccable. We service Darwin, Palmerston, Howard Springs and even other parts of NT if required! 

Darwin Landscapers offer the following services to our customers

  • Lawn care and maintenance
  • Yard clean up
  • Paving solutions
  • Irrigation installation and repair
  • Landscape and garden design and construction
  • Hardscaping (paths, retaining walls, stone work, patios and more)
  • Turf Laying
  • Deck building
  • Retaining Walls
  • Tree removal and trimming services

Our team of specialists have the capacity to handle any job, large or small! So if you’re looking to renovate your home or garden area then then give us a call!

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    We Do the A-Z of Landscaping!

    If you’re looking for a landscaper or tree specialist in Darwin, our team is here to do the job!  Darwin Landscapers provides all the services you need to keep your gardens looking bright and fresh throughout the year.  From our personalised consultation appointments that help us better understand your goals, to high end garden design and maintenance, we are a full service company that’s her to help.  We even provide turf laying and care that allows our clients to have a lush green lawn both now and into the future.  With our extensive list of services, there are no projects we can’t handle using our expertise for your landscaping and tree care.



    We believe that one of the most important parts of our landscaping process is understanding the needs of our clients, which is why all of our services come with a consultation appointment.  By understanding your goals for your property, we’re able to make your hard and softscape work seamlessly together to crate your ideal outdoor space.  Working on commercial and residential landscaping needs, our consultations help you look your best for visitors and business associates alike.

    Garden Design
    When you come to us for your garden design, you can be confident that our team is here to help with every last detail.  Our customised gardens are built to reflect form and function, selecting the flowers, trees and foliage that enhance the appearance, with a design that allows them to thrive.  From assessing things like soil quality and quantity of sunlight, to choosing plants that meet your aesthetic needs, our team is here to help make your property more beautiful and relaxing year round.

    Garden Maintenance Darwin
    Garden maintenance can be a time consuming task, but one that can become much simpler with experts like ours assisting in the process.  We have years of experience in professional landscaping, performing the weeding, pruning and trimming that helps your plants grow healthily.  Whether you need seasonal planting for new flowers, or want to schedule regular care appointments, we are here to help your garden look it’s best no matter the season of the year. We are often helping customers out with end of lease yard clean ups as well.

    Turf Laying
    Lawn Care

    Irrigation Systems
    Yard Clean Ups
    Tree Removal and Trimming
    Retaining Walls

    As landscaping experts we strongly believe in the necessity of maintenance when it comes to having a beautiful garden throughout the years.  Our maintenance services addresses all areas of care, from pruning bushes to laying down mulch to ridding your garden and lawn of unwanted weeds.  Working on everything from flowers to trees to lawns, our professionals attend to the time consuming tasks that allow your garden to be healthier and happier through our expert services. 

    Turf Laying and Lawn Care
    Having a sprawling green lawn is a great way to improve the physical appearance of your home, but this process can be time consuming, with things like the waiting time for seeds to sprout.  With our turf laying, we help our clients receive instant gratification, preparing their land for a new installation.  Not only providing you with a lusher, greener lawn, we also take the steps necessary to prepare the soil for the new turf, enhancing it’s appearance and health, both now and into the future.

    Landscape Services
    As a team the specialises in landscape services, we are a full service company that manages all aspects of your outdoor areas.  We create beautiful custom gardens, assisting our clients with everything from the selection of flowers to the care that helps them look their best.  Our services not only address the practical aspects of landscaping like trimming and pruning but also give detailed insight into things like soil quality and the need for insect control.

    Retaining Walls

    Retaining walls are vital for any garden as they provide a supporting framework to protect soil and plants. They can be used to create garden beds and boundaries, and often put together with concrete or timber blocks. They help accommodate uneven gardens and can also be key to creating a level lawn for playing sports and other activities. They are built to withstand immense pressure from water and soil, therefore must be designed in a way to survive all weather conditions. The Darwin climate can certainly go from one extreme to the other as we know, so we take a great amount of time and precision in the planning and construction of our retaining walls in our clients gardens.
    Retaining walls can be constructed from concrete, timber or dry stone. Concrete is an ever growing popular choice due to the aesthetics you can create using different finishes. It’s vital that qualified contractors are hired to do your retaining walls due to the importance of the functionality of the walls. 

    End of Lease Yard Clean Up

    Clearing  and garden at the end of your tenancy can be time consuming and expensive, especially without the right tools. Let our team of specialists come and take care of your landscape when you are moving out so you can get your deposit with zero stress!!
    Our end of lease garden clean up can help you with the following jobs

    • Lawn mowing and care/ turf work
    • Leaf removal
    • Weed, rubbish and garden waste removal
    • General tidying of garden and flower beds
    • Tree maintenance and Removal
    • Mulching
    • Hedge Trimming
    • Pruning 
    • Fence and deck repair
    • Pressure wash of patios and driveways
    • Plus anything else required to help you get your full bond back.
    Landscaping FAQ

    Why bother hiring a Landscaper?
    The task of the landscape designer is to draw up your ideal garden before jumping to the construction stage.  For small garden amendments it’s easy to jump straight in, but for larger projects you are better using a professional who can consult and design before building. A good designer has a lot of experience and can create a look and feel that captures your aesthetic and brings your garden back to working order. The outlay for a good landscaper can save you a lot of money in the long run, and alleviate further issues down the track.

    How do I keep my garden looking healthy?
    Here are a few simple to do’s to keep your garden looking fantastic and trouble free

    • Examine your plants before buying them – avoid introducing disease
    • Use fully composted waste
    • Keep eye on bugs
    • Clean your garden in the fall to help control disease
    • Apply the correct fertiliser 
    • Keep on top of weeds 
    • Keep your garden watered (especially in the dry season)

    What are the benefits of landscaping?
    Landscaping makes you outdoors look great; thus, improving the quality of life. However, when well designed and maintained, it can improve energy efficiency in your home. It provides shade and allows for more straightforward navigation through your yard.
    Additionally, home landscape reduces erosion, sediment losses and stormwater runoff. Still, plants absorb sound reducing noise pollution while trees, shrubs and flowers create habitats for beneficial wildlife, reducing the need for pesticides.

    How much does landscape construction cost?

    A good landscape designer can help you make sensible decisions about where the money should go to be most efficient with your project budget.
    A couple of ways to forecast costs for landscape construction are to look at average costs of materials and also to look at average costs per m2.
    Some examples are:

    • Paving – between $90pm2 for plain concrete through to around $500pm3 for fancier finishes
    • Garden decking – around $300-400pm2

    If you want to make a cost estimate based on the size of your space you could use these benchmark rates to give you an idea.

    • A simple residential garden with majority softscapes with some hardscapes might cost around $150pm2
    • A higher quality residential garden with hardscapes and softscapes will cost around $300pm2

    What is included in landscape maintenance?
    Maintaining your landscape is anything that makes your garden look healthy and alive. It includes regular mowing, pest control, spring clean up, trimming, and fertilization, weed control, pest control, mulching, pruning leaf removal and shrub insect removal.

    How often should I maintain my garden?
    Regular maintaining of your garden should be done based on the type of plant life you have. However, water the plants once a week about 2 inches. Watering frequently but shallowly causes more evaporation resulting in weaker roots.
    Clean up all fallen leaves, use correct fertilizer, prune damaged crops, and if possible, plant disease-resistant crops. Also don’t forget to keep on top of insect control as this can be a threat to your gardens.

    “Darwin Landscapers were great to work with on our new backyard garden design.  They did a full consultation with us, examining the land and understanding our plans before perfectly executing the garden of our dreams.  We couldn’t be happier with their work!” – Jordan M Palmerston
    We’ve had Darwin Landscapers working on our scheduled landscaping services for years.  Their team shows up on time, performing all of the maintenance we need on a regular basis.  Our garden looks great once they’re done, and we have recommended their services to all of our neighbours!” – Tony A
    “We had Darwin Landscapers come in to design the landscaping for the front of our offices.  Their team was highly professional, with our plans being executed exactly as we had imagined them.  I couldn’t imagine working with a more reliable and efficient team, and we wouldn’t trust anyone else with our landscape.” – Duncan H

    Contact US

    If you’re looking to develop and design a new garden, or need help maintaining and rejuvenating your existing property, Darwin Landscapers are here for you! We service all of Darwin, Palmerston and even Northern Territory on the odd occasion! We offer a wide range or residential and commercial landscaping services that allow our clients’ properties to look their best.  Give us a call to hear about our full list of services, and how we can make your property maintenance easier to manage.  We provide over the phone estimates, and can set up your consultation appointment for your garden design.  Get in touch today, and let Darwin Landscapers help your home or commercial space look healthier and greener than ever before!

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