Lawn Care Darwin

Having well maintained landscaping makes your home or commercial property look more beautiful, increasing the curb value and impressing visitors.  However, most people don’t have the time to dedicate to proper upkeep on a daily basis, which is why Darwin Landscapers are here to help make your life easier.  We work on all aspects of your landscape from lawns to flowers and trees, helping your property look its best at all times.  With our professional maintenance services, we’re here to help you whether you need one time seasonal maintenance and planting, or want to have regularly scheduled care on a weekly basis.

Garden Maintenance
When it comes to your property, we know that your garden is an important part of your home decor.  As garden design professionals, we’re here to help you achieve your goals, keeping your property looking green and beautiful.  We integrate all aspects of your garden from carefully selecting plants and flowers, through the care and upkeep that allows it to look great.  We even provide our clients with a property assessment that lets them know what daily care can help between visits.  By providing the maintenance services that allow your plants to live harmoniously together, our experts care for everything from weeding and pruning, to the soil treatments that keep your plants healthy.

As one of our many maintenance services, we provide your lawn with the care it needs to look green and vibrant throughout the year.  Because our area has unique seasons, maintaining your lawn can be a challenge, particularly during the dry season.  We not only help you in selecting the right lawn with our turf laying services, but let you know the steps you can take to keep it looking great on a regular basis.  With our maintenance appointments, we make sure that your lawn is properly cared for from watering and mowing to preparing it for the dry season.  Our goal is to help you better enjoy your lawn and yard with well manicured turf.

Scheduled Maintenance
For homeowners and business owners alike, maintaining your landscaping can be a daunting task.  But, with our landscapers in Darwin we help make your upkeep easier by providing the scheduled maintenance that helps your plants thrive.  While gardens and landscaping may not need daily care, our scheduled maintenance helps with more time consuming tasks like weeding, trimming, and pruning.  We also advise on additional treatments such as mulching and pest control that can help your garden be healthier.  Our appointments are available at the times and schedules that work best for you, whether it’s once a week service or monthly care.

Professional Care
The reason clients love working with us on their garden maintenance in Darwin is because of the reliable professionalism of our team.  Our knowledgable gardeners attend to every detail of your landscaping from weeding and pruning to treating your soil and pest prevention.  Applying our years of knowledge in combination with professional tools, products and equipment, we’re able to offer our clients the superior service that we’re known for.  Not only addressing your maintenance issues, we also inspect your landscaping for potential issues, offering advice on treatments and care that can help prevent potential issues in the future.

Retaining Walls
Differences in ground levels can cause complications when it comes to water flow and garden materials that can lead to future difficulties if not kept to a certain standard . We offer the construction and design of retaining walls that help the flow of sediment and any streams while at the same time allowing the natural aesthetic of the garden to flourish.
We construct all different types of structures, from wooden or concrete sleepers to bluestone and random rock walls. We are specialists in installing and repairing and building retaining walls in Darwin.

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