Northern Territory Landscaper

For residential and commercial properties with landscaping needs, Darwin Landscapers are here with the landscape services that help your property look its best.  Whether you’re looking to install a completely new garden, or need maintenance on your current one, we are here to help.  We custom design gardens for your outdoor areas, providing a professional assessment that helps us determine the perfect plants and design for you.  We also work on hardscapes and provide the maintenance work that addresses your property from top to bottom.  Clients love working with our professionals, reaping the benefits of our years of experience with their improved landscaping. 

We cover all of Darwin City and surrounding suburbs

  • Humpty Doo
  • Wulagi
  • Roseberry
  • Larrakeyah
  • Anula
  • Stuart Park
  • Karama
  • Fannie Bay
  • Muirhead
  • Darwin City
  • Nightcliff
  • Durack
  • Milner
  • Howard Springs
  • Moulden
  • Woodroffe
  • Gunn

Custom Service
When you enlist our professionals for your landscape services, we pride ourselves on the superior customer service that we provide for our clients all over Darwin, no matter what location.  By understanding your goals for your garden, both how you want it maintained, and what plants you hope to grow, we work to create a custom plan and design for your location.  From selecting the right plants for your outdoor space, to scheduling the services that maintain the upkeep, we are a full service company.  Our goal is to help you create and care for the garden that you’ve envisioned, taking measures that allow your garden to flourish. 

Garden Assessment
As a professional landscaping company, we believe that one of the most important parts of landscape design is making sure that we understand the land that we’re working with.  Each property contains unique features that make it most hospitable to certain types of plants and flowers.  Whether we’re helping you design a new garden, or working on your existing installation, our professionals will provide you with an in-depth assessment that helps us create the best environment for your plants.  By creating mini-ecosystems on your property of plants that thrive well together, in the locations that best suit their requirements, we help your garden be its best year round. 

Included in our landscaping services is the treatment of your hardscape to ensure its health as a part of your overall exterior design.  Hardscape areas can experience problems with unruly weeds, sloppy edging and other forms of overgrowth, taking away from the appearance of your softscape as well.  With our services, we make sure your hardscape components are properly treated and maintained with the detail oriented services that we’re known for.  In making sure that your hardscape is properly cared for, we help ensure that your landscape as a whole looks cohesive and maintained from start to finish. 

Beautiful Gardens
When we provide landscape services for our clients, our ultimate goal is to make sure that your landscape and garden looks beautiful from top to bottom, no matter the time of year.  By using our professionals across a variety of landscaping services, you’ll see your garden looking better than ever with our knowledgeable care.   Integrating well thought out landscape design with proper care from weeding to pruning and mulching, our clients and their visiting guests love our finished products.  We take every aspect of your landscape design into consideration, taking the steps necessary to work towards a more beautiful garden for your home. 

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