How much does irrigation cost?

The cost of the irrigation system will depend on other factors, but a base cost is something that is workable so as not to get surprised with the actual cost later on. For a front irrigation installation, the cost would begin at $2100.00, and for a rear installation, such would usually start at $1300.00. For …

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Why bother hiring a Landscaper?

The task of the landscape designer is to draw up your ideal garden before jumping to the construction stage.  For small garden amendments it’s easy to jump straight in, but for larger projects you are better using a professional who can consult and design before building. A good designer has a lot of experience and can …

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What are the benefits of landscaping?

Landscaping makes you outdoors look great; thus, improving the quality of life. However, when well designed and maintained, it can improve energy efficiency in your home. It provides shade and allows for more straightforward navigation through your yard. Additionally, home landscape reduces erosion, sediment losses and stormwater runoff. Still, plants absorb sound reducing noise pollution …

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What is included in landscape maintenance?

Maintaining your landscape is anything that makes your garden look healthy and alive. It includes regular mowing, pest control, spring clean up, trimming, and fertilization, weed control, pest control, mulching, pruning leaf removal and shrub insect removal.

How often should I maintain my garden?

Regular maintaining of your garden should be done based on the type of plant life you have. However, water the plants once a week about 2 inches. Watering frequently but shallowly causes more evaporation resulting in weaker roots. Clean up all fallen leaves, use correct fertilizer, prune damaged crops, and if possible, plant disease-resistant crops. Also …

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